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Rajalakshmi Stores
Rajalakshmi Stores
Rajalakshmi Stores
Rajalakshmi Stores
Rajalakshmi Stores
Rajalakshmi Stores

Rajalakshmi Stores, Thrissur

Railway Station Road, Chettiyangadi, Thrissur04872422296


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  • Time - 9:30AM to 9PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.50

  • Cuisines - Drinks and Beverages

  • Serve - Drinks and Juices,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends , Food Explorers


Thrissur , Railway Station Road, Chettiyangadi, Thrissur

Location Note: When you are traveling from Railway Station to Chettiyangadi, this shop is located on the left side at Chettiyangadi Center


Rajalakshmi Stores

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  • Car Parking - Not Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Dine In - Not Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted
  • AC - Not Available

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Want to know what real Naruneendi Sarbath tastes like? Rajalakshmi Stores is the place to visit in Thrissur town. Located on Railway station Road at Chettiyangadi, this small shop is more than 60 years old and serves Naruneendi Sarbath from November to May, during the season. They are open from 9:30 am to 9 pm on all days of the week.

Detailed Write-up

C.S Srinivasa Iyer was indeed a lucky person to have renowned Ayurvedic Physician Kalakanda Menon as his neighbor. It was Kalakanda Menon who advised Srinivasa Menon to serve Naruneendi Sarbath, which is known both for its taste and health benefits. Thus, Naruneendi Sarbath, a drink that raised this small one room shop into the food map of the district was inducted.

When you are traveling from Railway Station to Chettiyangadi, this shop is located on the left side at Chettiyangadi Center. They do not have any parking space or dining area at this place, but you can see the whole ingredients of the drink set up in front of a small shop, right before you reach Chettiyanghadi roundabout.

Known for its diuretic properties, this drink instantly cools your whole body. They get Naruneendi (Indian Sarsaparilla), a rear tuberous plant, from Peechi forest area and prepare the special solution from it. They make all the extracts at home by themselves and bring it to the shop and mix it with lime and water or soda to serve it to their customers. The syrup they prepare at home is basically fresh Naruneendi mixed with sugar solution, and the special taste of the drink comes from the freshness of the Naruneendi and the special ratios in which they make the syrup.

They serve this dish from November to May when fresh Naruneendi is available and stops serving when the monsoon season starts. Served in large old glasses, you cannot complain about the taste or quantity, as one drink is enough to quench your thirst. They do not use any addictives in the syrup and prepare a fresh one each day to maintain the freshness of the drink.

This one room shop also serves homemade sweets and various Kerala special snack dishes that also have huge demand. Even though they do not have any parking area, there are various paid parking grounds on the road where you can park. Since there is no dining area, patrons stand at the small entrance of the verandah and finish their drinks.

The owner of this place, the family's second generation, promises this drink will not last one day with its original taste without preservatives and what you get as Naruneendi syrup in the market is not the real thing. Well, head down to this place and have their drink and you will agree with him for sure.  

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