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Anhar Hotel , Calicut

Near Kalyan kendra textiles, M.M Ali Road, Palayam, Calicut04952703178



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  • Time - 7AM to 11PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.300

  • Cuisines - Kerala - Traditional , Kerala - Malabar

  • Serve - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends


Calicut , Near Kalyan kendra textiles, M.M Ali Road, Palayam, Calicut

Location Note: Just 300 meters away from Palayam bus stand, on Palayam to Chindhavalappu Junction, near Kalyan kendra textiles.

Anhar Hotel

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  • AC - Available
  • Car Parking - Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted

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One of those restaurants in Kozhikode city that became popular for their varieties of Malabar special dum biriyanies. Anhar hotel, founded in 1995, near Kalyan kendra textiles, on M.M Ali Road, Palayam , Calicut, will be open to its customers from 7 am till midnight everyday. Chicken, fish and beef biriyanies are the must try dishes from this hotel and the best time to pop in will be during their afternoon lunch hours.

Detailed Write-up

Will it be the best biriyani you will get to taste from a city famous for biriyanies? Well, it’s a pretty tough decision to make. But do they serve authentic Malabar biriyanies that you want to try again? Yes, and that sums up what this restaurant is all about.

Aptly named as Anhar, this in Arabic synonymous to ‘River in Heaven’, is just 300 meters away from Palayam bus stand, on Palayam to Chindhavalappu Junction, near Kalyankendra textiles. Dewaar hotel on Railway Station road and Hotel Sweekar, near IIM, Kunnamangalam are two sister concerns of this hotel in Calicut.

Chicken and beef biriyanies are the two different varieties of biriyanies available in Dum biriyani preparation, which has chicken or beef pieces cooked together with the rice, to retain the essence and aroma of the dish. Chicken biriyani has soft pieces of chicken, along with rice that has excellent ghee and light masala taste. Beef biriyani also has similar taste, but as it is much cheaper compared to other biriyanies it is very popular with regulars.

Fish biriyani, prepared usually with seer fish, has a different preparation method, where they first fry fish and later cover it with biriyani rice, which is the same method they use in the preperation of their prawns biriyani too.

You will be baffled to find out, for reasons unknown, they don’t serve mutton biriyani at this restaurant, which is peculiar for a restaurant famous for biriyanies. Meals and fish fries from this restaurant are also well demanded by their regular customers. Family dining area on the first floor is air conditioned and better furnished, than the two other dining areas on ground and first floor. They also have a small parking area in front of their restaurant. 

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