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Akshya Hotel, Thrissur

Near Police Club, High Road, Thrissur 04872424435



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  • Time - 7AM to 1AM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.300

  • Cuisines - Chinese , Kerala - Traditional

  • Serve - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends


Thrissur , Near Police Club, High Road, Thrissur

Location Note: Located on High Road, near to Police Club between Manorama Round and Thrissur Round on the left side


Akshya Hotel

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  • Car Parking - Not Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted
  • AC - Not Available

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Started in 1948 Akshaya Hotel got recognized among the foodies for its evening special Puttu and Beef Curry dishes and also for their late night service. Akshaya hotel on High Road near Police Club is open from 7 am to 1 am on all days of the week but its best to visit this place during their dinner hours. Apart from Puttu and Beef, almost all their Kerala cuisine dishes are also pretty popular among their patrons.

Detailed Write-up

Started by Balan in 1948 right across the street where the present hotel is located, he might have never imagined, one day his little endeavor will grow up to this extend. Now with two branches in Chembotil Lane and Marar Road, this restaurant is a considerable presence in the food map of the district. They started off as a small snacks and tea shop and suddenly rose to popularity when they introduced their fabled Puttu and Beef Curry combination.

This restaurant is located on High Road, near to Police Club between Manorama Round and Thrissur Round on the left side. They have two restaurants with a single kitchen functioning side by side in which the better ambience dining area is allotted just for their family customers. Even though they don’t have their own parking area you can park your vehicles on the paid parking ground right behind the restaurant.

Soft and steamy Puttu served hot from the live kitchen right at the front of the restaurant along with their Beef Curry is their most demanded dish during evening hours. Just one look at their menu board displayed and its evident that no other restaurant can match the sheer variety of dishes they have on offer. Mutton, Duck, Kallumakaya, Fish masala, chicken curry are some of their fast moving dishes. Most of their evening special Kerala cuisine dishes are prepared and kept and are served on order after slight simmering.

They serve meals dishes during evening hours which has a lot of takers among their patrons. Open till 1 am at night, this place is truly a blessing for night travelers and employees who work late night. They won’t even close down their shutters even during strike days to serve their customers.

Along with their Kerala dishes, they serve a number of Chinese dishes too which are prepared and served on order from their customers. The first dining area which although looks bit retro still hasn’t lost its charm in attracting patrons who are loyal to their taste and variety. 

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