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This is a community of like-minded foodies sharing their passions about good food spots, amazing cuisines and conversations around food. We realize that a true food lover could inspire others to find the right place to grab that magical treat.

Create your FoodProfile that gets stronger each time you interact with the platform. Have a FoodLine and get connected through the FoodCircle. All the wonders you do in the space of food like reviews, the places you step into, the dishes you savor and your recommendations would elevate your Foodie Status and get perks like FoodieBadges and many more surprises.

The entire platform rests on the passion of foodies who bring the energy to drive unique experiences to be shared across the globe, truly echoing our slogan of Search, Eat & Share.

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Featured Foodspots

  • Tastyspots foodspots

    Odhens Hotel

    Kannur Town, Kannur

  • Tastyspots foodspots

    Kalyan Veg Platter

    Thrissur Town, Thrissur

  • Tastyspots foodspots

    S.N.R Chips

    Alathur, Palakkad

  • Tastyspots foodspots


    Mananchira, Calicut

  • Tastyspots foodspots

    Vaidhyarude Kada

    Muhamma, Alleppey

  • Tastyspots foodspots

    Dhe Puttu

    Edappally, Ernakulam

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